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Space Network is the foremost one-stop broadcast centre in Oyo State with the largest reach from a singular transmission point to all Yoruba speaking tribes on terrestrial radio frequency where we are known Space 90.1 FM and widely acclaimed and designated the “people’s secretariat” due to our consistency in ensuring the masses have a voice and a say due to our vision and mission to remain the foremost news and current affairs trail blazer.

Space 90.1 FM is also the very first Trilingual Radio station and winner of the NBM award for best news coverage in 2015.
We currently have both online and terrestrial reach of over 8 million active listeners and have nothing less than 40,000 impression and reach when streaming some of our radio programs on our social media platforms (Facebook live most especially). We also have a TV arm known as Afro Space TV which is fully equipped with state of the art facilities to deliver content to anywhere in the world.

Brand Vision

To become a dominating feature in the West African media content conversation.

Brand Mission

To consistently generate African content for a diaspora consumption with a responsible bias for our unique Nigerian perspective, and a proud Yoruba cultural heritage.

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